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Qualified trainers and consultants can be licensed to teach the Clear Leadership course. The sequence for becoming licensed is different in different countries but generally takes the following steps:

1. participate in a Clear Leadership course
2. participate in a 3-5 day training for trainers course
3. one supervised delivery of the course.
Costs for becoming licensed vary by country and can be negotiated based on sales potential and other factors. Generally it costs about $5,000 Canadian. Licensed organizations and trainers are required to remit royalties for each person who takes the course.

 Criteria for Acceptance to Teach the Clear Leadership Course

Prospective trainers for Clear Leadership must be professional instructors/trainers of leadership development with the following competencies and experience:
  • Instructional Skills and Experience including:
    • Comfort being a content expert.
    • Comfort giving clear and specific feedback to learners.
    • Skilled in various teaching methods including but not limited to lecture, story-telling, group discussion etc.).
    • Give clear and concise instructions and directions.
    • Ability to correct a person’s wrong answers without shaming.
    • Visual Aid Use (comfortable with use of videos, flipcharts, PowerPoint etc.).  
  •  Facilitation Skills and Experience including:
    • Focus on group dynamics, behaviours and issues.
    • Monitor the learning environment (e.g. control distracters, manage energy, use appropriate humour, storytelling, relationship with learners).
    • Manage participation (e.g. appropriate use of questions and instruction, balanced air time).
    • Manage difficult participant behaviours (e.g. over and under participation, aggressive behaviour, emotional behaviour, anger with learning process.
    • Skilled in coaching in a learning environment.

In order to become certified to teach the course applicants must:

  • Be able to bring their 'own material' and stories to make the program their own'.
  • Walk the talk (e.g., use I statements, able to describe here and now experience, can listen for observations, thoughts, feelings and wants, can lead learning conversations).
  • Have completed personal growth and self awareness work to a reasonable level.
  • Be passionate about the content of the Clear Leadership book and course.

Three day Training for Clear Leadership Delivery

These 3 days are designed to build your skills and confidence in the delivery of the Clear Leadership Course. At this session you will:

  • learn how this training is best delivered including perils and pitfalls, dealing with emotional outbursts, making the learning safe, debriefing intensity, making the determination that the learner is ok in intensity, increasing comfort with instruction vs. facilitation
  • unpack the concepts including:
    • the aware self (sense-making, clear language, mental maps and the experience cube)
    • the descriptive self (transparent vs intimate, describing here and now experience, describing experience vs making judgments, learning conversations, coaching others to hear your experience)
    • the curious self (listening through the cube, parking your reaction, coaching others to tell you their experience, inviting others into a learning conversation)
    • the skills of clear leadership and clear followership at work (clear decision-making, map making, decisions as experiments, organization learning meetings, pinch theory)
    • overcoming obstacles (fusion and disconnection, shame, interpersonal mush, interpersonal triangulation)
  • practice teaching your 'hardest bits', set up a skills group, intervening in a skills group.
  • Alexander Lundberg
  • Allan Wright
  • Anabella Ramos
  • Anders Heldebro
  • Andrew Reid
  • Andy Smith
  • Anette Eroselius
  • Ann Brown
  • Anna Malm
  • Anna Widhe
  • Anne Sutherland-Kelley
  • Annie-Sofie Lasell
  • Bethan Thenunissen
  • Betsy Jacobson
  • Brett Lloyd
  • Carmen Farrell
  • Caroline Stearman
  • Cathrin Ljunnggren
  • Cathryn Lecorre
  • Chris Nelson
  • Cindy Cox
  • Claire Lustig-Rochet
  • Claire Simpkins
  • Claudy Pastoor
  • Claus Jebsen
  • Daryl Page
  • Dave Simpson
  • David Roast
  • Dennis Siliacus
  • Elisa Chavez
  • Elisabeth Sjostedt
  • Erica Wright
  • Erik Edhag
  • Eva Esselin Leander
  • Eva Schwarz
  • Fredrik Hultgren
  • Fritz Wottawa-Posch
  • Gabriel Gardell
  • Gunnel Ryner
  • Helen Lingham
  • Henny Larsson
  • Henrik Samuelberg
  • Ingrid Carell
  • Joachim Schwendenwein
  • Johan Ljunggren
  • John Arsenault
  • John Sautelle
  • Judy Heinrich
  • Kai Wiklund
  • Karin Dahlstrom
  • Katherine Friedman
  • Kelly Dobson
  • Ken Ingram
  • Kristina Martvall
  • Kylee Howard
  • Laila Stange
  • Lars Johan Bastas
  • Lee Crevier
  • Lena Kardefelt
  • Leslie Solomon
  • Lorraine Gillespie
  • Lotta Andersson
  • Lotta Lundhagen
  • Lynda Fernyhough
  • Madeleine Svanström
  • Maria Comét
  • Marilyn Mahoney
  • Marjorie Warkentin
  • Matt Summers
  • Michael Roehrig
  • Michael Samson
  • Michelle Royle
  • Mimmi Bohman
  • Palaemona Morner
  • Peter Broring
  • Sandy Zhang
  • Sasja Chomos
  • Sue Iles
  • Terrie Klotz
  • Therese Kjellgren
  • Thomas Wadefjord
  • Tom Kenward
  • Valerie Woods
  • Victoria Tiller
  • Xavier Hernandez
  • Yabome Gilpin-Jackson
  • Zayna Kunic
"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the people to gather wood, divide the work and give orders.  Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea."
Antoine de Saint Exupery


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