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A revolution in organizing that began 40 years ago is still underway. We are moving from command and control to collaboration, from organizing based on a few leaders telling everyone what to do to dispersed leadership, with managers, professionals and teams authorized to make their own decisions. The combination of information technology and new forms of organizing have resulted in an explosion in innovation in how we structure organizations, all intended to increase the capacity for people to collaborate – to harness the intelligence, knowledge, and commitment of everyone in the system. Yet, few of these innovations have lived up to their promise. Studies of successful, innovative work systems show that most of them revert back to command and control within a few years.

At Clear Learning we believe the key to building sustainable collaborative teams and work systems is the ability of individuals to maintain partnerships with other individuals. Partnership is a relationship between two or more people who are jointly committed to the success of whatever process or project they are engaged in. We believe that most people want to be in partnership with their boss, their subordinates, their colleagues, customers and suppliers – they want to be working with others who are committed to their mutual success. Sustaining collaboration is not a motivation problem, it's a skill problem.

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