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Power Systems & Partnership combines Barry Oshry's brilliant insights into the predictable sense-making that occurs in hierarchical systems and the ways in which these typically create disempowerment and failure, with the skills and insights of Clear Leadership for how to get out of these all too predictable traps of organizational life and create partnership with anyone in any position.

Using a simple but effective simulation, you will quickly see how your sense-making is predictably effected by the positions you occupy in any system: tops, middles, bottoms and customers. Using skills and perspectives from Clear Leadership, you learn how to side step common traps that lead to disempowerment and lack of support and how to create work relationships that support the success of whatever process or project you are jointly engaged in. The Power, Systems and Partnership course focuses particularly on empowering "middleness" - the organizational position that puts you in the middle of trying to satisfy competing demands and audiences.

When taken after the Clear Leadership course, this two day, highly engaging workshop helps participants further understand how to apply Clear Leadership successfully in their organizations and work lives.

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"The Leader Who Exercises Power With Honor Will Work From The Inside Out, Starting With Himself."
Blaine Lee
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