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Appreciative Leadership and Change shows managers and professionals how to create change in people and processes by paying attention to what they want more of, noticing the potential that exists dormant in people and systems and finding ways to bring that potential to life.

The basis of Appreciative Leadership was described in the chapter on the Appreciative Self in Gervase Bushe's 2001 book, Clear Leadership. You can read that chapter by following this link or a short, 4 page description of Appreciative Leadership and Change.

The Appreciative Leadership and Change course teaches you how to take that orientation to leading people and apply it to changing work processes as well. Using Appreciative Change Processes managers have turned:

  • problem employees into star performers,
  • problem plagued teams into highly productive and effective teams,
  • ignored and abused performance appraisal systems into highly energized and productive performance conversations,
  • underutilized and dreaded ISO9000 audits into opportunities for significant, continuous quality improvement.


These are just a few examples, the applications seem endless. Appreciative change process is used by the Big Rapids Group's profit amplification service, which you can learn about by following this link. BRG has helped clients increase their growth and profitability far beyond their competitors in diverse industries; from furniture manufacturing to convenience stores.

Follow this link for a five minute video on Appreciative Leadership and Change with Gervase Bushe

The course is offered in a variety of modules that allow for customization to meet your needs:

  • two half-day sessions, spaced two weeks apart, that focus exclusively on Appreciative Leadership
  • two half day sessions, spaced 4-6 weeks apart, that focus exclusively on Appreciative Change and Performance Amplification
  • two half day sessions spaced two weeks apart, that cover both Appreciative Leadership and Appreciative Change Processes

Using action learning and peer coaching, managers develop the skills and mindset to make a significant shift from focusing exclusively on problem-solving and what they don't want, to building the kind of teams and organizations where continuous improvement is more than a cliché.

Competent trainers can be certified to teach Appreciative Leadership and Change in a very short period of time. Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

For a list of Certified Trainers go here.

"Leadership is about creating an alignment of strengths and making people’s weaknesses irrelevant."
Peter Drucker

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