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written testimonials

Clear Leadership was one of the key factors that helped us move from the 61st percentile to the 91st percentile of US hospitals on employee engagement in 2012.


Leslie Solomon, Director of Organization Development
Palomar Health, California

I just finished instructing my second Clear Leadership course and it was so powerful for the client! Some of them on topics that had a very long history and have caused a lot of stress – fully solved in 15 minutes! People were energized and learned a LOT. I saw so much self-reflection and discovery that even I was surprised. For example, just yesterday I had a conversation with the CEO and he said that he has an issue with one participant regarding her tendency to gossip (in all other categories, she was considered to be a future super star). They had a 15-minute learning conversation and there was a lot of learning for both parties involved. Seven out of 12 participants highlighted in their summary of the course that this was a life changing event. And 1 person, who had decided to leave the company, changed her mind after module 1…
Elar Kilmutts, Estonia

Over the past 5 years we made a series of strategic, international acquisitions and needed to develop a more integrated management team.  Gervase assembled an international team of facilitators that matched our diverse management team with representatives from Canada, Europe, Latin America, Australia and Africa.  The Clear Leadership course was delivered simultaneously in English and Spanish and navigated through the cultural differences among our top 25 managers.  More importantly, many months later, the lessons we learned are being practiced by our leaders as we clear out the mush and communicate more effectively allowing us to focus on our global operations.  Unlike so many other management training programs, this stuff sticks and makes a difference.
Bob Wallis, Senior Vice President, Mining Tire Group
and Partner, KalTire, British Columbia

Since I took the Clear Leadership Course, and began using the tools and skills, life seems so much easier and enjoyable.  Recently, we had a meeting of all the senior managers in our conglomerate, and I was shocked as person after person openly talked about my transition from "enemy" (I was unaware of this perception on their part) to trusted friend.  Many have requested that I consult to them.  Feels good.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Larry Szeliga, COO
OTR Wheel Engineering, Goergia

It is just over a year since we began offering the Clear Leadership course to all our managers.  I have just completed having informal conversations with all the senior managers in our organization,  and every single one of them said to me, unprompted, how important Clear Leadership has been to them personally and professionally.
Michael Covert, CEO
Palomar Health, California

PMI, a global consumer products company, implemented Clear Leadership about 18 months ago.  We started with training our Senior Leadership Team, then trained the PMI leaders of people.  The concepts and tools are powerful, and apply across many aspects of life.  The training has had an immediate short term impact on employee engagement.  Longer term, I have observed conversations that in the past would have created organizational mush are now being handled directly from individual to individual.  We continue to reinforce the skills in our regular meetings and have built the Clear Leadership Partnership thinking into how we operate.  This is a long term investment, and I am convinced that it is the most powerful tool that I have seen in action in my career.
Judy Burke, Vice President, Human Resources
Pacific Marketing International, Washington

I am at the front line, pioneering the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model in healthcare.  Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre (ARHCC) was the fist acute care hospital built under the PPP model in Canada.  To add to the complexity it is also co-owned (partnership) by 2 Health Authorities; Fraser Health and Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA).  We provided the Clear Leadership course to the private partner leadership of ARHCC, which includes 6-8 key leaders from 5 partnering organizations. The results have been remarkable.  Our partnership outcomes have improved, as we have a common set of tools to work through misunderstandings and aggravations such that we stay focused on our common goal of quality patient care.  We all work very hard to achieve “self-differentiation” in order to stay focused on the process and the “right way to do things” for the best overall patient outcomes.  Then, we adapt our contractual language and payment levels appropriately afterwards.  There is no doubt in my mind that Clear Leadership has had a significant, positive impact on the financial and patient care outcomes of this partnership.
Doug Wills MA, PMP
General Manager,
Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre

Over the past 10 years I have used the lessons I learned from Clear Leadership to create teams and departments and without fail they have all been highly effective and cohesive groups.  This stuff works.

Russell Cullingworth, Controller 
Certified General Accountants Association of Canada

I have wanted to drop you a note for a while now, to share my experiences of working with Executives who went through the Clear Leadership course.  From the limited time that I have spent with the VPs several of them have commented to me on the impact the program has had on them, both personally and in terms of their leadership style.  

One VP shared that "that program really made me think about myself in a way I haven't before... I got a lot of value out of it".   Another VP shared that he had a conversation with one of his colleagues during the program that was extremely open and trusting...unlike any he'd experienced before.

In a meeting yesterday the CFO asked one of the Directors involved with the major reorganization:  "So tell me Roger...what has this process been like for you personally?"  When I shared the CFO’s comment with his coach, she said it’s the first time she's heard of him asking a question like that.  I've heard this comment several times in the last few months...that our leaders are showing up a bit differently, asking different questions, and overall seem to have an increased awareness of the personal impacts stemming from executive decisions.  I believe this is due in large part to the work you have done.
Geoff Scales
OD Consultant, Canada

"Clear leadership is an important part of our leadership development strategy which we call Leading in a Learning Organization. I have personally used clear leadership dialog and practices to improve communication and have experienced it being used by our managers trained in these techniques. I would recommend this program for all levels from senior management to supervisory managers".
Chuck Rowe, Executive Director, Central Island
Vancouver Island Health Authority

Clear Leadership had a very profound impact on how we operated as a company and kept us going where we could keep the fly wheel of performance turning faster and faster to the point where now - I won't say the organization runs itself - but there's a lot of power under the hood.
Eric Patel, CFO
Crystal Decisions Software Company
(now part of SAP)

Hard skills get you hired, soft skills get you promoted  Clear Leadership is the game changer that will take you to the next level.
Brent Harvey
Director of Sales, Sophos

Here are some of the comments from Swedish managers who have taken the Clear Leadership course:

"I think the course has given me a great deal. It was a very positive experience. I am already using a lot of the methods I learned in the course".  (Logistics Manager, Heisenberg)

"I am fascinated with Clear Leadership and with all the tools. It will change how I do my work a great deal. (HR Manager, Trelleborg Kommun)

"It is the best short course I ever have participated in, and it will help me a great deal in my daily life". (Production Manager, Indexator Vindeln)

"The course has given me a lot to think about and many of the tools I can use directly in my work". (CEO, Malmo)

"Clear Leadership is a practical and theoretical education for all leaders. The change between theoretical lecture and practical exercises make the course clear and understandable. The method is very interesting and exciting and it opened new thoughts about communication and behavior. As a leader I have been so much better at communicating as well as understanding others". (Sales Director, Telecom and Media)
Inger Schinnes Sederholm, Manager
Leadership and Organization, A.B. Previa

Gervase Bushe's Clear Leadership program is, without a doubt, the best leadership program I have ever experienced or worked with. Clear Leadership was a life changing program for me. Through the program I gained significantly more self-awareness and acquired powerful and practical skills which have resulted in much clearer communication in my work and personal relationships. Living the principles of Clear Leadership has now become a way of life for me.
John Sautelle BA. LLB, Director
Performgroup International., Australia

This four day course is designed to teach the skills necessary to create effective partnerships through clear communication and understanding with anyone, at any level within an organisation. ..While challenging, thought provoking and sometimes even confronting, the overall content of the program is not only educational and essential, it creates a very rewarding experience.
Stewart Craig, Team Leader
Training Services, HRM Group, IP Australia

Gervase Bushe's methods help people to dispel the corrosive effects of poor communications, effects that uncorrected can sap the life and joy from the task of leading an institution and which always reduce performance. His methods open the door to accurate communication and productive relationships. I have had the pleasure of working with Bushe to implement Clear Leadership and I can testify to its powerful and positive effects. At last, an effective and human way of improving organisational working culture and team effort.
Alf Bogusky, Executive Director,
The Art Gallery of Windsor, The Edmonton Art Gallery, and The Vancouver Art Gallery
Gervase is a tremendous teacher.  He is still teaching me and class was over a few years ago!
Jerry Kolins, MD, FACHE
Chief Medical Quality Officer
Medical Director, Laboratory
Palomar Health


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