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Follow Up for Follow Through

Clear Learning Ltd. is committed to providing a comprehensive and cost effective programs to support participants’ integrate and use the skills of Clear Leadership back at the workplace and continue their development as a Clear Leader.

The Follow Up for Follow Through program has the following components:

Social Networks to support skill use and development:

After taking the Clear Leadership course, groups of four participants self select to act as a support group for skill development. The first six, weekly, half hour, on-line support group sessions are designed to build them into a team. Thereafter they decide how best to continue meeting and coaching each other in using the skills, and working through challenges/issues that arise in their workplace.

The group’s participants meet in person or through the portal on the Clear Learning Ltd web site to connect via tele/video conference for their peer-support sessions.

Skill Review Videos & Leadership Log:

16 succinct videos (3-7mins long) specially created to describe each skill delivered in the program and offering coaching tips for using them. Each video includes an opportunity to practice the development of the skill and track participant’s results in a specially created Leadership Log.

The Leadership Log is designed for both tracking results and supporting preparation of practicing the skills within the opportunity presented in the video.

Clear Leadership Certified Facilitator Led Coaching Service:

Each month during a designated three hour time slot, participants with issues/challenges that could not be resolved by their peer-support group will have web enabled access to expert Clear Leadership facilitators to respond personally to their questions.

Participants schedule their personal 15 minute coaching call session through the portal on the Clear Learning Ltd web site.

Follow Up for Follow Through


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