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Clear Partnership

Based on the "Sustaining Partnership Card", one of the essential models of Clear Leadership, Clear Partnership helps leaders who have been through the Clear Leadership course bring their knowledge and motivation to be collaborative leaders, and create a climate of clarity, back to the workplace.

This program is for front line staff when it isn't practical for them to take the entire four day Clear Leadership course. This course is designed around 8, one hour modules that can be mixed and matched in a variety of ways - from 1 hour a week for 8 weeks, to 4 hours a day for two days. During classroom sessions the manager and faciliator introduce the key concepts and skills of Clear Leadership and help the team engage in critical conversations with each other about the norms and habits that support and get in the way of straight talk. The program culminates in a conversation about how willing they are to get rid of interpersonal mush at work, and to have learning conversations with the manager and each other.

Clear Partnership is only available to managers who have taken the Clear Leadership course and the manager's participation in all 8 modules, with their teams, is essential for success.

Contact any certified Clear Leadership instructor for more information.

Sustaining Partnership


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