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An introduction to Clear Leadership

In this 30 minute introduction to the theory of Clear Leadership, Dr. Bushe describes the dilemmas that people face in trying to lead and work in collaborative organizations. He explains why well intentioned people who are motivated to be in partnership fail, the basic facts about human nature and how our minds work that are at odds with how we've been taught to manage people. He describes a different way of thinking about how we learn from our experiences and the thinking that underlies Clear Leadership skills. The three ten minute segments describe

1)Sense-making and the problems of learning from experience.

2)Interpersonal Mush and what's required to eliminate it.

3) The problem with how we've been taught to manage anxiety and the need for leaders to be self-differentiated.

DVD only $99 CDN
(Inlcudes S&H. Canadian residents add 12% HST)

Appreciative Process: Creating Change Without a Budget

This 47 minute video captures Dr. Bushe giving a breakfast presentation on his ideas on Appreciative Leadership and Change to a group of managers in Melbourne, Australia. Filled with stories and anecdotes to bring the ideas to life, the talk lays out the fundamentals of this positive and powerful way of leading others and creating change.

DVD only $49 CDN

(Inlcudes S&H. Canadian residents add 12% HST)

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